Tom Marter greets Aunt Irma with pounds

My name is Tom Marter.

Cigarettes: nil for 5 years

Alcohol units: nil (good)

Number of anti-love handle exercises completed: 4


Is Aunt Irma visiting? (period): yes


Number of calories consumed: at least 2000 (really NOT good)

Number of times ignored quit sugar diet: 3

Number of times considered stopping eating: 4

At least it was just today and hope tomorrow the curse of the sugar urge has gone. For a woman on the slippery slope to her forties, pounds gain is not an option.

On a seperate note, I needed to go to the bank today and baby boy came with me. He loves Halifax. Every time we go there he is given a box of crayons and this time, he was given chocolate, the chance to win a bog fluffyvreindeer and asked me to take a picture of him next to the bank’s Christmas tree (naturally he believes if you see a Christmas tree you should have a picture taken with it).

Later, on our way back to the car we passed the bank again and he was trying to drag me back in there again. I suppose it is good for the youngest generation to have a good view of banks…….

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