No matter what age you are, or your situation, rejection is always hard. I was told I was unsuccessful in a recent interview and the member of the panel who interviewed me gave me the corporate version of ‘its not you, its me’. There was a stronger candidate with a bigger skills set apparently. I put it down to an interrupted career of child rearing therefore I dont stand a chance against someone who has worked without a break since University – fair play to them.

It does affect how you perceive other job adverts though, as it discourages you from adverts that could be at the limit of your experience and skills levels. A lot of work goes into the application and interview process so you dont want to time-waste for the sake of either party. Therefore I am tempted to drop a few grand off the salary and play it safe to bridge that skills gap to the higher echelons of the salary bracket. The only down-side is childcare costs which bring the monthly net income down considerably to the point where its in the hundreds rather than the thousands – working hard for not very much is the state of play for any working mum these days,particularly mums of younger children.

But in an employer’s market, mums are not so appealing as employees, especially so in these leaner, meaner times.

The upside of this news however is that it buys me more time with my children and I enjoyed a lovely afternoon helping my daughter spend her birthday vouchers in the high street. I was impressed with her choices to update her bedroom – a lamp and a bin – very grown-up. She also observed me giving money to a homeless person in the subway and I said to her I hoped he would spend it on something remotely healthy. As we walked back past him later, his bottle of orange juice was rolling away from him, so I picked it up and gave it back and noticed he had a big pack of chocolate cookies too. My daughter saw that the money had been spent to make his life more bearable and it was good to know it may have helped him in some way. Thankfully he also had a sleeping bag and warm gloves. I cant ever recall seeing a homeless person in this particular city before and wondered what led this young guy to sleep rough in a subway. I reminded my daughter that he may be someone’s brother and/or son – therefore we turn a blind eye to no-one.

This blog is for Unicef.

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