Angel in Angelina?

If only more celebrities could ‘make a difference’ like Angelina Jolie. So much high profile talents waste column inches on attending fashion shows, polo events, high society drinks parties and soirees, when they could be joining the campaign on climate change, fronting up the lobbying campaign against international cases of persecution or show-horning Jeremy Clarkson into a Nissan leaf. Fame is power but unfortunately fame for the most part falls upon the shoulders of those who haven’t the foggiest as to how to use it for common good. They seem to be more obsessed with making more money, as if they had graduated from the level of giving a f*** about the world.

I would like to see Kate Middleton do more humanitarian visits and follow in the footsteps of her late mother-in-law. Although i am not judging her as I am sure the palace have her ‘leashed’.

I am sure there are many celebrities who do ‘their bit’ behind closed doors but so much more can be achieved when you ‘do good’ in public because it puts the cause into the arena of the public psyche. It is almost as if Angelina delivered on her promise to God, when he/she was dishing out the long legs, cheekbones and pouty lips, that she would put these assets to good effect for the world. I’m sure God is shaking his head at Kim Kardashian and also cursing himself for overdoing it in the bottom department.

The Independent’s Rosie Millard is right to suggest that  Angelina Jolie is changing the world, after she was photographed with Hague in a meeting with world leaders to discuss rape in conflict and how to tackle it. Keep up the good work Jolie and lets hope your fellow celebrities are watching you and thinking ‘now why didnt i think of that?’

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Powerless and Furious

Last night I was furious – such a brilliant adjective to describe anger at a deeper level. I was wtaching the news (never a good idea) and it just seemed to be one catastrophe after the other. What made me angry was watching people who have the power to make a difference responding, in my view entirely inappropriately.

First, the Gaza conflict. I am I in the minority for believing that the Palestinians need help and support? What Hamas is doing is wrong but Israel’s response is Barbaric, particularly when you look at their actions in the past. From where I am sitting Palestinians are opressed by their Israeli neighbours and an independent body needs to step in and ensure Palestinians are receiving the rights they deserve and ensure Hamas cease the rocket attacks. If Netanyahu continues this course of action then he will no doubt be the subject of a war crimes tribunal. There is talk that he is in danger of losing international sympathy – in my view that has already happenend. Why is it then, that Barack Obama appears to be supporting Israeli action? I used to like him but now I think he is a twat – If he carries on making these public shows of support, he is in danger of losing international credibility.

Second, the Church of England is looking into whether woman should be allowed to become Bishops. At this headline I just had to check the calendar to see if I hadn’t unwittingly stepped into a Delorean. Why the fuck aren’t they allowed already? Then the BBC manage to find a woman who is willing to state, on camera, something along the lines of “I believe woman have a role in society but that men should always play the lead role both in the home and in the church”. This woman was in her forties….. if that. So you can imagine I was swearing at the TV with steam coming out of my ears…..Lord knows what Germaine Greer was doing….

So I went to bed feeling fucked off and furious (wasn’t brave enough to put that in the title) and powerless. I think I would rather not watch the news from now on a be in blissful ignorance. In the meantime I have emailed William Hague in the vain hope that other people think along the same lines as me about Gaza and that the pressure of public opinion might stimulate those in power to take action.

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