Feeling old?

I wasn’t able to blog last night because I lost track of time on a very rare girly night out. It felt so self indulgent to spend a few hours on my own with friends drinking. Earlier in the day I was reflecting back on my life before children and I am puzzled as to what I filled my time with. Children consume your every waking minute (and a few sleeping minutes too) so to find yourself on your own again for a few hours is mind boggling. The endless list of ‘to dos’ is momentarily paused and you can enjoy some ‘me’ time.

The down-sides of a night-out on a Friday were highlighted too and brought back memories of my clubbing days. Standing 3 rows deep behind the bar waving  a note in the air in the vain hope that you might get noticed regardless of the height disadvantage is a tad boring. But, its great for people watching (an acne ridden boy trying to fob a bar-maid off with a dodgy looking £50 note). However, I felt by far the eldest there (particularly as the night wore on). I had made an attempt at scrubbing up good but I caught my reflection in the beer pump and instantly felt old in comparison to more heavily made up spring chickens next to me. I have concluded that how you were as an eighteen year old is how you see yourself regardless of the passing of time. It is a shock when you see reality.

Last night I was with a bunch of Mums who were overexcited about the chance to wear heels again and try out clothes from the wardrobe that rarely see daylight. However, although most of us lived within walking distance (apart from myself) we all only had one glass of wine and then when it was my turn to buy a round, everyone requested diet coke so it wasn’t a heavy one. Mums have to watch the calorie intake with bodies that have expanded with baby weight more than once.

My husband’s trade-off was a nice ride in the sun today on his vstrom, lucky bugger (despite his bad back) the older you get the more determined you are to live life to the full regardless of physical limitations.

I have out a pound in the pot for last night’s absence – if you can contribute to my fundraising effort for Unicef -please visit this site.

Thanks for reading.