Drama Queen

Today I am as proud as punch.

My daughter’s Saturday Theatre School invited the children to enter a talent search. It was entirely voluntary and, as my daughter had just mastered powerhoop (with a child’s hoop) and was participating in her primary school talent show with her school friend I suggested she do the same routine, but on her own, for the Theatre School. She did it more to get good practice for the Primary School Show.

A couple of weeks ago she did her own show at the Theatre School in the morning and then did the Primary School audition with her friend in the afternoon and they got through to the finals, which was great news. She told me that her theatre school had loved her morning performance and I was so proud that she had the confidence to do it on her own on stage at 7 years old. Then last week she told me she and 5 other kids were in the Theatre School talent final. I had no idea that her performance was an audition. She was so chuffed to be in the final and practised hard this morning with a very determined look on her face. It turned out that they had brought in a special judge who had experience in musical theatre to watch. 

I gave her a kiss and wished her well as I passed her the hoop and watched her walk into class. A couple of hours later at pick-up the teacher came up to me and said that my daughter had won and that she will be required to do the performance on stage in front of the full end-of-term audience (about 100 people). Then my daughter came out with a beaming smile but not smug as she said, “I can’t believe I won, this other girl was spinning hoops around her arm and this boy sang a really good song…” and she was so full of praise for the other kids – I had to pinch myself that she was being so modest but also quietly proud of herself too. 

I then took her to the book shop to spend her world book day token and she chose a book about singing and dancing. My mind then started to reel with ridiculous daydreams of Oscar award ceremonies and my daughter looking glamorous on the red carpet…. But even if this is the first and last achievement she will have in performing – I will never forget the pride I felt and my daughter’s expression in achieving what she had set out to achieve but with oodles of humility too – this is despite the wonky gene pool she has originated from!

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