Running out of time

AAARRgggh deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. I feel my head will spontaneously combust if it has to remember just one more thing. Forgot the parent/ teacher meeting tonight so thankfully hubby stepped in and saved the day (yes they do have their uses!). My to do list at work is more like a wish list, which keeps getting longer. Every time I pop to the loo or for a cuppa my phone is flashing like Batman’s Gotham City hotline (if only the calls were that interesting) and my mobile is constantly beeping with friends wanting to know more about my son’s birthday party tomorrow. Why did we invent all this annoying technology that nags us? We were late for the school bus this morning so I hunted it down to the next bus stop like Damon Hill (or Jenson Button if I am being more up-to-date) and so keen was I to push pedal to metal I forgot to put my seatbelt on (very bad I know) so my car was going bananas….beep beep beep fuckin’ beep……flash, flash, flash, fuckin’ flash….”I know, I know I’ll put it on a minute” (yes I actually talked to my car) but that’s what you end up doing – talking to inanimate objects because of all this beeping and flashing and nagging.

Well finally its the end of my working day and pound in the pot for yesterday I know because I was busy being Queen of cupcakes. A very serious procedure involving carefully removing tiny little disc shaped rice paper (with a photo of my son’s favourite toy) and then laying them onto each cake with germanic precision. Regardless of my attempts they still ended up looking like a 5 year old had done them – so if anyone questions their appearance I am just going to say “My daughter helped me…oh bless”.

I was also busy last night working on a new technique with the power hoop to literally ‘pummel away¬†my bottom’. Despite my best attempts to diet, exercise (OK well maybe not my best) my butt will not reduce in size. I was so obsessed at gyrating this hoop around my hips and bum that I noticed bruising this morning. But I was actually pleased by this…..(its not right is it).

Anyway the day finished well because my tree surgeon of a husband survived an 80 foot Oak in gale force winds. I’m sure his is crossed with a chimpanzee somewhere in his heritage..

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Thanks for reading.