Eight hours of mindful

What can you shoe-horn into a day? That’s the attitude when you are self-employed or in a position where you have several jobs on the go. In many ways, it is more straightforward to turn up to your 9 – 5 and focus on that one job role.

I used to have that set-up. Now I am a Mum with the occasional few hours to spare, so I try and get the most out of my day, while factoring in time to keep baby boy entertained, exercise the dogs and be back in time for school pick-up and cooking supper (plus look after my friends’ horses 5 times a week). I used to attempt to practice ‘mindfulness’, it is tricky to do that in this situation.

Thank god for Wifi and soft play – work while the toddler lets rip in an environment where he cant possibly come to any harm. I have yet to find a place like this that also accepts dogs. The dogs have to come everywhere with me otherwise they howl like a pack of wolves (quite impressive for 2 Jack Russells).

I have gone back to writing lists because it is too difficult to retain anything in my brain for too long. The downside of this is life often passes by as a daily trawl of ticking boxes and life is too short for that. I worry that one day I will look up from my ‘to do’ list and notice my son is now 18 and my daughter in her twenties and that I didnt appreciate the younger years when I had the chance.

This is part of the rationale behind this blog,so I can look back and remember what the f*** was so important?

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.