Top gear for top dog?

What does your car say about you?

I watched Top Gear earlier this evening and sat in front of the TV green with envy. Oh to be Jeremy Clarkson – paid a substantial sum for weaving the new Alfa Romeo Disco Portofino (or something like that) through the stunning Italian countryside. Or Richard Hammond flying over sand dunes in a pumped up Merc Gwagon (or something like that). I try to think of the downsides of the job but struggle …. they may have to get up early in the morning???

I have been watching Top Gear since I was very young – it was the incentive to getting my homework done. My interest in cars has never faded, likewise with my hubby. Together we struggle to keep a car for more than 2 years because we get bored easily and want to try something new. We are of course on a limited budget so none of our cars are terrible exciting, plus they have to tick a number of ‘practical’ boxes (mpg, luggage space, room for kids and dogs). We have never bought new and like to hunt for a bargain. I think we should go down the lease car route given are penchant for swapping cars so frequently but hubby needs convincing.

So in the meantime its the used and hopefully not too abused market. We have had our current car (Soda Octavia VRS) for over a year now and can’t fault it. This has presented us with a problem because we like to identify a logical reason why we need to change the car so that we don’t feel so irresponsible about buying a new one.

Because we can’t find fault with the car, we have turned to our immediate environment (flooded like the rest of the SE in the UK) and concluded that the car does not suit the harsh terrain of where we live (the home counties). After having been through one too many potholes that have made us wince as the car shudders its way out of them, we have decided to pursue the rugged SUV/ small 4 x 4 option. Nothing to do with feeling marginally higher than everyone else (hubbys pick up does that). But ticking this box and the mpg and luggage space box is not easy. I rather like the look of the Toyota Rav 4 and was impressed when I saw a family of 5 jump into one after a dog walk earlier today. Although I can’t recall if they had a dog with them… The dog makes all the difference. We have 2 small dogs that are hardly there (often I am calling them while on a walk not realising that they are standing directly by my feet they are that small) but the cage they travel in (essential for keeping them contained in transit) is massive despite being the smallest one on the market. There is definitely a gap in the market for dog cages for short dogs. 

So in order to get the car we would really like we need to re-think our dog transportation method. Our dogs are smaller than most cats so maybe one of those little wicker cat cages you see grants use to take their darling kitty cats to the vets might be the answer.

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