when I grow up

There are not many of us pursuing the dream careers we fantasised about as children. As a parent, i am all too aware of not letting one misguided remark influence the entire future aspirations of my children. This can actually happen, hence the burden of responsibility that is parenthood. How many autobiographies have you read where the author followed what their parents ideally wanted of them and were happy about it? The same goes for teachers, my university lecturer scoffed at my ambition. Sir Jackie Stewart’s teachers didnt rate him but look what he achieved.

So when my daughter starts talking about what she would like to do ‘when i grow up’, i listened without passing judgement but telling her what it would take to achieve particular career choices. For example she said she wanted to be an actress and that she would need to go to theatre school from age 11 or 12. I said we couldnt afford to pay for a special school so the best way to attempt to get in was via a scholarship. The best way to get a scholarship is to do LAMDA exams. “But that would be torture”, she said. I replied that if she felt that way it might be best to think of another route to acting. “But i really want to go to drama school”, i said she shouldnt put pressure on herself too early on in life as it gets tougher as you get older so enjoy being young when you can. But i soon realised you dont know how good you had it when you were young until you are grown-up so that was particularly useless advice.

She then rattled off a list of things she would like to do including: actress, racing driver, writer, midwife or maid for a rich person. She then asked which of the two ideas i liked best. I refused to answer as i said it was ‘entirely your choice’. She then begged me to answer her but i refused and said ‘the best advice i can give is do what you enjoy and the job will come and find you’.

I just hope she doesnt like watching tv and eating crisps to the extent that she waits for the job to arrive.

In the Tarantino film Jackie Brown, De Niro says to Bridget Fonda ‘you need ambition’ (or something along those lines) and she replies her ambition was to ‘get high and watch tv’.

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The Big Wedding rings a few bells

Apologies for absence last night, I indulged in a girly flick at my local community cinema with my friend from school days. The tickets were an impulse purchase after dropping my daughter off at Theatre School at the same venue and noticing the poster for ‘The Big Wedding’ and noticing a few familar faces (Susan Sarandon and Robert De Niro, plus a whole load of other faces I don’t know the names of but have seen in countless films and TV shows). 

I didn’t have very high hopes and was unsure whether it was something I should have taken my mother to as is started off a bit like a blue rinse flick. However the sight of Susan Sarandon receiving oral sex on a kitchen counter-top during the first few scenes of the film made me glad I wasn’t reduced to squirming in my seat while sat next to my mother (phew!).

It actually rang lots of bells for me as the plot navigated its way through the awkwardness (albeit exaggerated) of combining families through marriage (particularly when the groom alone has 3 mothers (birth, adopted and step). I know what it’s like to have 3 Mums and it can be quite complicated although I don’t have to put up with any lesbian tendencies or lewd public conduct (at least I hope I don’t….or ever will for that matter). Although my Dad is getting rather leery in his old age. I found him chatting up my neighbour from 2 doors down the other day, in front of my StepMum too for God’s sake.

Anyway if you haven’t seen it yet then I recommend at least watching it on DVD. See the trailer here.

Right, I better get back to the discussion I was having with my husband earlier about careers and moving house. After both of us getting back and prowling round eachother with our claws out like a pair of big cats in a cage, we realise something might need to change. However, I soon broke the tension with only a threat of pummelling him with the hose gun while out watering the garden. We are all still complete and utter kids at heart and I love it.

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