The average person does not exist

Dare you to define an average person? I used to think it quite easy to box people up into their little categories but having had a few jobs working with the Great British public (I cant speak for other countries) we are all fruit loops in slightly different ways – the royal family especially included.

Everyone has a story to tell and every now and again you meet people that stand out like a sore thumb for various different reasons – but that is what makes them so interesting.

I met such a person the other day at work. He is a slightly overweight Liverpudlian covered in tats. He has bizarrely shaped facial hair and flip down shades on his specs. He his also an author and quite a good one, with several novels under his belt, a few that have been turned into films. His writing style is unique – like a really pissed off and foul mouthed Virginia Woolf using a similar stream of consciousness style. His topics lean towards the poorer end of the social class spectrum and his prose often makes you flinch but it feels real because of that. He teaches creative writing in prisons, some of the inmates no doubt inspiration for his characters. He says that characters come to him as words in his head rather than faces when writing a story and that is what gives his work depth.

I like him because he is approachable, not remotely up his arse and different because of who he is and what he writes about. He comes from a shitty neighbourhood so the odds were stacked against him from the outset to write good and do well but he did. If he was in music he would probably make a good rapper – I’m sure Eminem would enjoy his verse – but I don’t believe Liverpudlians and rap go well together….can you imagine the Beatles rapping?

I am writing every day for Unicef in the hope that some kind soul will spare £1 when they read this blog. If you are that person, please check out my Unicef fundraising site. Tomorrow, I will be writing for BBC Children in Need. This year shcoolchildren around the country will be donning their pyjamas in school with a ‘spotty’ theme and eating lots of cupcakes to raise money (my daughter included). I offered to join in but she said she would be too embarrassed if I turned up to the bus stop in my PJs – so instead I will wear something spotty and my blog topic tomorrow will be about spots and pyjamas with a link to the Children in Need website for those bloggers who can lend their support. I haven’t the foggiest what I will find to write about spots and PJs but I will give it a fair crack of the whip – I will need to think laterally that’s for sure.

Thanks for reading.