Trick after oodles of treats

So today I shouldn’t have got out of bed. After crawling into bed at 1am after my son’s all-night party (not bad for 10 months) I decided to adopt the ‘controlled crying’ method and leave it for 15 minutes for going in to settle him. I looked at the clock and planned to go in once the 15 mins had passed – I never got to that stage. Either it worked and he settled himself or my body just passed out. Not for long though because it was party time again between 4 and 6am. The reason? Another cold and lots of coughing poor chap.

So I got up after feeling I had never really been asleep and embarked on the Saturday morning routine of preparing for my daughter’s trip to Saturday Theatre school. I pack the change bag for my baby boy, check I have enough money for the car parking and….wait…where’s my wallet? Once you have checked all the usual areas panic starts to set in. Time was running out and I still couldn’t find my wallet. Like most women (I believe) I keep lots in my wallet so its a right pain in the arse if it gets lost or stolen.

After dropping my daughter off I realise that I have indeed lost it – great this is my Halloween ‘trick’. The only place I could think of where it may have gone astray was a playzone about 40 mins drive. I called it and they checked for me to no avail. So either someone found it and scarpered with all my loose change or it is still lying undiscovered somewhere. It’s my fault. So determined am I to cram everything I need into one bulging change bag that some things end up balancing precariously on top of the bag.

So debit card cancelled, no means of topping up my mobile so cant make calls (even though I topped up a few days ago but a few calls to 118 118 drained me.) The only other thing I considered important was my library cards so have ordered replacements. I have learnt the hard way over the decades not to put anything valuable in your wallet (or anything that is a pain in the arse to replace). I have lost count of how many wallets I have lost in various different scenarios:
– putting my wallet on a burger king tray and then tipping the entire contents of the tray in the bin
– paying for a wurlitzer ride while the gypo spins me and my friends around (clever tactic as my wallet flies out of my hand… doubt into the hands of another gypo).
– stolen at least twice

The day finished with a Halloween party in my village for the kids which turned out to be a great (but cold evening). Best competition had to be challenging the kids to eat doughnuts without licking their lips. I didnt win the pumpkin carving competition though – despite drawing the crowds of kids with a row of Cadburys Screme eggs jammed in its mouth.

Trick or treat I love Halloween.

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