Brave and brilliant Mr Bennett

On my birthday in January I enjoyed a ride on a dressage horse for the first time in a year. For Mother’s Day, I took the children to a local point to point to get another dose of horses. We were all having a good time until the horse we backed, Mr Bennett, hit the last fence as he approached the racing post gunning for 1st position. We didn’t notice any problem until we saw the jockey try to stay on board a racehorse who was suddenly moving very strangely. The jockey jumped off just before or after the post, I can’t remember exactly where as we all noticed the horse’s back leg hanging like a sock – completely broken. Within seconds the vet was there to give him a painkiller and the green screen was erected. My children looked on hoping he would be alright but I explained that a broken back leg usually means the horse has to be put down. One minute we were cheering his name, the next we were watching him as the vet had to do what he could for the horses’ likely last moments. 

I reassured my daughter that he died doing what he loved most. But nethertheless it was a sad introduction to horse racing – one moment the thrill of cheering your horse on then the sympathy for the groom, trainer and owner as a beautiful and graceful horse is sadly put to sleep. 

Another analogy for life and it’s peaks, troughs, twists and turns.

I too have lost horses, they are unique beings – once they touch your life, the need to be part of the horse world – in whatever shape or form – is perpetual.

They are brave too – Mr Bennett crossed the line on 3 legs and still came 3rd – an amazing horse. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.