See you again

Sorry for the lack of post last night. 

We went on our date night to see Fast and Furious 7, which blew us away. Definitely the best F and F yet. I am not going to spoil the ending for people who have yet to see it (even if you are not that into cars you will enjoy it – pure entertainment). For die hard F and F fans the ending is perfect and a fitting tribute to Paul Walker. For those of you who have grown up with Fast & Furious, take tissues as its a real tear jerker – it feels like the end of an era and that is very, very sad.

Today myself, my best friend and my daughter swam in a swimathon to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer care. Together we swam over 200 lengths and raised £230. It was tough but I was super proud of my daughter who did 70 lengths having not swam for a year and covered the distance in backstroke, freestyle and breast-stroke.

This was our fourth year doing the challenge and the sense of pride and satisfaction at going the distance still remains. 

I am hoping I will sleep better tonight as a result, as last night I was thinking about PW and the lyrics to this musical tribute – (today just topped the UK singles charts) –

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Tribute to a man in a million

In this clip Michelle Rodriguez explains how she told Paul Walker that being a celebrity gives you access to the money and the resources and the voice to make a difference. Paul didnt need an excuse or reason to help people, he just knew it had to be done – one human being helping another.

See the video clip here at the Noble Awards

I have adored Paul Walker since he first hit the screens back in the 90s – for me he embodies elements of life that I love too – speed and the need to help others.

Speed took him in the end way, way too soon.

Looking forward to seeing F&F 7 at the weekend and the tribute to a great man.

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Speedy quotes

I have another bad case of writers block, fuelled partially, by a bit too much rose – not excessive but maybe a tad more than would be deemed suitable for a Sunday evening.

For inspiration I scanned through various social media accounts and came across Paul Walker’s charity ‘Reach Out Worldwide’ and their countdown to Fast & Furious 7 hitting cinemas next year. Since PW died, I have noticed fellow petrolheads have paid tribute to the car star through one of the lines from the first movie ‘Dude, I almost had you’, stickered across the rear of their car.

That got me thinking about other cool quotes on speed and here are some of my favourites:

“When in doubt, flat out” – Colin McRae

“It is useless to put on your brakes when you are upside down” – Paul Newman

“Racing is life, anything before or after is just waiting” – Steve McQueen

“You should never feel comfortable, there is something wrong if you are” – Damon Hill

“The more precisely I drive, the more I enjoy myself” – Michael Schumacher

“In motorsport we work in the grey areas a lot, you are trying to find the holes in the rule book” – Danica Patrick

“What’s behind you doesn’t matter” -Enzo Ferrari

“Speed has never killed – suddenly becoming stationary, that’s what gets you” – Jeremy Clarkson

“Winning is everything, the only ones who remember when you came second are your wife or your dog” – Damon Hill

And this one from Bill Nighy “I speed up past mirrors” -I can relate a lot to that one.

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I saw a picture of Michelle Rodríguez in the latest edition of Elle magazine. She looked tired, haggard and generally unwell. Whereas the girls she is reported hanging out with, the Delevigne sisters, didn’t have a hair out of place. Asked where her outfit came from, Michelle answered, ‘an LA Mall, I got it because it looked baggy and sexy’. It probably would have looked better had her face been brighter and full of the Rodríguez attitude that we know from her films, but if reports are true, the rich girls are leading her astray down a path of drug and alcohol abuse.

I know MR particularly in her role as Lette in the Fast and Furious. My thoughts turned to Paul Walker, another member of the F and F crew who was tragically killed in a sports car accident last year. I thought back to the first film in 2001 and how it represented the enjoyment and recklessness of youth and how that has transferred into negative reality for some of the crew.

Although I never met Paul Walker, I miss his presence in the world and the fact that his death has marked the end of all the fun of Fast &Furious. Some will be pleased that this has sounded the death knell of the franchise, but petrolheads world-wide are in mourning, for Paul was one of those rare human beings who didn’t let success ruin his grip of the real things in life: appreciating family and being a parent, helping others and enjoying the world and the adrenaline rush of living life in the fast lane without the need for narcotics.

I grew up with F & F and was living life in the fast lane when the first one came out. Now that life has slowed down considerably as life has evolved and while I do what is necessary for my age and level of responsibility and take pleasure in that role. There is still a big part of me that wants to shut the hell up and just drive or ride. It has always been my tonic, just me and the open road and a decent sized engine under the hood. In my favourite ‘Foos’ song the line ‘I’m a one way highway, I’m the road that drives away then follows you back home’ – that is my life and my journey on it. Like Vin Diesel says in F & F, ‘he takes life a quarter mile at a time, for those 10 seconds or more nothing really matters’. I’m sure I’ve repeated this in a previous blog post cause, damn, its a good line.

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Working for the weal of all?

I received an email from Oxfam recently with ‘this is shocking’ in the subject line. Of course I clicked on it as I was intrigued and discovered the headline of the story was a report that found 85 of the richest people own the same wealth as 3.5 billion of the poorest people. They call them the ‘have yachts’. I am not surprised by this, nor do I find it shocking. It has become a given in society that there are people in the world in poverty, meanwhile wealthier residents of the globe, not just those with yachts, are deliberating over what flavour Molton Brown body cream they should choose while flicking through articles in Hello magazine of glamorous couples and families showing off the trappings of their wealth…..I am guilty of living in a consumerist society just like the next person. I enjoyed a lovely day with my friend yesterday as a belated birthday treat where we had our nails done and jumped on a train to the nearest town to do some window shopping. It felt good but I also felt bad. I found myself wondering what it would have been like if we had instead devoted our day to helping other people in some way. I am going to try it next time.

I read an article about David Beckham visiting the Philippines on behalf of Unicef to help raise awareness of the recovery process out there, but in a separate article I read that him and his family had recently bought a home which cost 35 million pounds. I can’t help but judge this exorbitant price tag and think what that money could achieve elsewhere. I am sure they give to charity and give up their time to contribute to good causes but their contributions, and most of the other celebrities for that matter, are just a drop in an ocean of need that we as a society are not willing to address effectively. It is so much easier to turn a blind eye and focus on the day to day of our own lives.

I clicked on Oxfam’s link to email my local MP to ask them about future policies for tackling world-wide poverty and the effects of climate change. But in doing this I felt defeated already because really the email should come back to me and ask what I am doing and what all of us should be doing. What the MP needs to do is seek an attitudinal change. It is starting to happen in small ways, such as in my local shop there is a food collection for families who need the extra support. Its taking that element of looking out for one another and ramping it up so that it is not simply a kind, unexpected gesture but something that everyone seeks to do as a matter of course. Famous names such as Paul Walker and Angelina Jolie shouldn’t be labelled as philanthropists they were and are just people with a name behind them wanting to do some good. Everyone should be philanthropists.

What would I do with 35 mill? I would look into how the money could help counter-act the effects of climate change in some of the world’s poorest areas, for example, irrigation to combat the effects of drought. I think that money would be a far better investment for future generations than a new clothing line and lots of fucking bedrooms.

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Reach Out Worldwide

Yesterday before posting my blog on the tragic death of Paul Walker, I emailed my local MP regarding Unicef’s climate change campaign. The recent gathering of world leaders in Warsaw to discuss climate change was a step in the right direction but no definite answer on how much countries are willing to pay to safeguard our environment for future generations. Climate change is a significant contributing factor to the natural disasters that have been recurrent over the  past decade. Disasters that Paul Walker’s charity Reach Out Worldwide, are tackling in order to protect survivors and safeguard futures. Climate change is the biggest issue that needs addressing in the battle against child poverty too. This is why it is vitally important that we lobby politicians to take action now. Visit Unicef’s site to lobby and take action against climate change. Visit ROWW to help out with the latest recovery effort in the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan.

Further to the news reported yesterday on the crash that claimed PW’s life, take a look at the Top Gear review of the car he was traveling in, the Porsche Carrera GT, the ultimate in production race-car engineering – stunningly quick but also brutal and unforgiving. Even the Stig struggled to control it….Watch it on Youtube.

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Living Life a Quarter Mile at a time, Paul Walker

I am watching Top Gear at the moment and I had been hoping that at some point in the next promotional run of the Fast & Furious franchise, Paul Walker would be the next ‘star in a reasonably priced car’. But, tragically, I am writing this on the day after his death when the Porsche he was travelling in as a passenger crashed and burst into flames, killing Paul and his friend. Throughout the day I have listened to the news reports with a heavy heart. It is strange to grieve for someone you have never met, but like most of us who admire celebrities, you feel like you somehow know them because they have been part of your existence, even though their presence was purely on-screen.

As the day wore on more details on the crash were released. I was vey disturbed to hear an interview that implied Paul and his friend had been trapped and that the emergency services couldn’t get to them in time before the car went up n flames. This fact is unbearable to comprehend.

Maybe Paul, like his alter ego Brian O’ Connor in F&F, lived life a quarter mile at a time. The same could be said of most petrol heads, speed and the feeling of being on the edge is not only exhilarating it is a sensation that is a must-have in life, despite the obvious risk. In fact it is the risk that is part of the thrill. I mentioned this when reviewing the 2 different types of racing drivers in an earlier blog about the film Rush. Some drivers take calculated risks and adopt precision driving techniques, others run the car ragged, driving every bend like it is their last with either disastrous or glorious results.

I obviously don’t know what kind of driver Paul was. All I know was that he wasn’t driving when he died and that is a tragedy in itself.

I will miss Paul and his films as he was the only actor and celebrity I cared about or paid attention to. I also admired all his work with charity ROWW, who will be feeling his loss even more than his fans.

I know that Vin Diesel will do the most amazing tribute to Paul’s memory on the release of the next and probably final F & F.

As a fan I will remember him through support of ROWW and his obvious driving talent which is up there with greats like Mcqueen, Newman, Dean, Hunt and Senna.

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Dream jobs

Ow! I did my first ‘Pilates for saddlebags’ movements last night and they must be working as I could hardly move today. The hardest of all was the half plank and leg lift. I had the web page on my tablet as I tried to mimic the photos of the pilates lady on screen. She made it look so easy yet I was struggling to haul my ass up in the air as effortlessly as she made it look. It took me 10 minutes to complete the full exercise and it was a real work-out. So I am confident I will be able to lose the cm of the saddlebags. I am going to have to psyche myself up to do it tonight though, as it aches just to move let alone contort myself into some pilates moves. 

Changing subject slightly, I like cars. I would also like to channel my career into cars (but not a sheepskin-coated, gold-bracelet wearing forecourt seller). I dabbled in a motorsport company just under a decade ago, which was my career aim after leaving Uni but it didn’t turn out as good as I had hoped. I reflect now and then on what could have been (a bit like that Sliding Doors movie about 2 alternative lives running parallel because of one decision that forked the character’s lifestyle and future). I like to think I chose the better option. However, I am not going to be able to work part-time for long as once baby boy is at school, I will have to go out an earn a bigger wage again. I would love to jack it all and go into fostering, but my other half isn’t keen on the idea of getting attached to children and then letting them go again. So, I will have to get a career that I will need to try and enjoy between now and 70, or whenever I retire……..a daunting prospect.

For me the top 10 dream jobs would be as follows (in no particular order):

10) PA to actor Paul Walker (although would not be good at that as would spend too much time drooling)

9) Taster for Cadburys Chocolate (but that would either make me fat or switch my joy of chocolate guzzling to repulsion)

8) Reviewing top holiday destinations (but that would mean spending time away from the kids and it would take all the fun out of holidays)

7) Car testing (from supercars down to superminis I would LOVE it – particularly if it involved driving around the Nurburgring)

6) Rollercoaster reviewer (fantastic job – can’t think of any down-sides apart from a constant state of nausea)

5) Book critic (I LOVE reading, so to be paid to read all the time is right up my strada)

4) Social worker – I can’t now because I need a degree and I am too old and have to many commitments to go back to uni, it would be tough but I would love the chance to be making a difference – down-side would be I would be taking my work home psychologically)

3) Horse-whisperer – Again if only I had the time for the training,  I would love to help turn around problem horses

2) To get paid for work that is normally classed as voluntary – helping out with children’s charities and causes in my community

1) Owning a wedding dress shop and having enough money to buy-in the most beautiful dresses and design a few of my own too

For now I will just keep on dreaming…..

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I stopped at Ten

Yes I cracked and munched and munched until I got to ten and then my willpower eventually kicked in. Time of the month is approaching. Skin ain’t good, feel crap about my body and I find myself returning to Paul Walker’s website to drool and find out what films are coming up.

I stopped following him on Twitter a year ago, when I discovered that he had got a bunch of admin staff to do his tweets for him. He has obviously realised the error of his ways as @RealPaulWalker has tweets straight from the horse’s mouth along with re-tweets from Twitter accounts with beautiful profiles (surprise surprise). I am excited that another Fast and Furious film (6) is in the making. I am also a bit miffed I found out so late in the day – filming in London, of all places, finished last month. So hopefully it will be in cinemas by next Spring.

There is a good clip behind the scenes of F & F which is a bit of a giggle –

Expect more car porn, boob porn and boy porn – I hope its good but can they really pull it off again for the 6th time??

Short one today because I am a tad knackered. I also had a swim earlier to repent my chocolate guzzling behaviour and it felt good. Also makes me feel a bit sleepy in a kind of post coital way.

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What to do with a quarter of a million?

I fantasised last night.

No, not because I am reading Fifty Shades Darker (that requires no imagination at all) but because I was looking at my Lotto ticket with baited breath. I thought I had won, but it was my eyesight playing tricks on me, or my brain. So having not won the big lottery, I considered the next option still available on the ticket which is Plus 5 – the chance to win £250,000 all week. Some people would argue whether that is a life-changing amount or not. Well they are just damned ungrateful because I sure as hell wouldn’t  mind £250,000 (I nearly said dollars then for some reason the voice in my head that….says….each…..word……as……I………am………typing it switched in to a Texan Drawl – I have only watched one episode of the new Dallas and already it has taken effect.)

What would you do with that amount. My instant and very exciting reaction was “to pay off the mortage” the voice in my head said that in a David Walliams style “computer says noo” tone. My second reaction was “how dull can you get”? No, I would pick up the phone to Unicef (the reason why I blog) and ask them if there is a particular project that I could fund – one in the UK and one abroad. Now my husband is not as charitable as me and would have kittens if I turned round and said I wanted to donate some of it to charity. So, I would have to placate him with something that has wheels and goes very fast…….on the shopping list would be this……

 (Oh yes that’s me sat on the bike making it look even better         …I wish)

and then maybe something with a few more wheels………..

  (I wasn’t available for this shoot)

and then maybe something with really big wheels…..

After doing the necessay with the Kids (Disney etc) oh and i spose we better save some just in case they want to get massively in debt for 3 years, test the resilience of their liver and survive eating nothing but fish-finger sandwiches (university) ….My thoughts would then turn to my shopping list……

a horse that LIKES jumping, like this……

Not this….

And if I have any money left over a dinner date with someone like this…….

  But maybe not when he is like this…. (bruised eyes during filming)

Paul Walker can drive me to the restaurant, but this fella…..

can drive me home (very handy if you are remotely bulimic as it would be a challenge to keep your meal down).

My reaction might be a little like this…. mamma mia!

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