Life on the back of a toilet door..

When I was sat in the loo of a restaurant the other day, i read a little saying that had been inscribed in a ‘boho chic’ kind of way on something that resembled driftwood but not actually the real thing. Sayings and quotes about life and family seem to be very much in vogue at the moment, particularly purchased from stores like ‘’ (yes but its every-bloody-where else, including restaurant toilets). This is another fad that I find irritating (along with my earlier post on all things ‘vintage’). Having ‘love this, laugh at that’ and all round smugness dressed up as a quote and emblazoned across your walls, is firmly in the locality of naff street. However I have to amit there are some quotes that are worth broadcasting around the home. For example, I have a sign in the kitchen with a laughing 1950s housewife saying ‘A clean house is a sign of a wasted life’. This is up there in an attempt to excuse untidiness to unexpected guests. On the door to the washing machine etc, reads ‘Mom’s laundry, need help’, which is true, I do need help as I spend a lot of my time in that tiny room. In fact every time I turn the washing machine and moan at the bore of loading and unloading a machine, i think of my granny hand-washing and mangling and then I feel ashamed. My granny ha it harder.

But going back to the sign i saw in the loo, i cant remember the exact words, but it said something like this:

Two things you need in life:

1) Someone to love

2) Something  to look forward to

I think regardless of your situation or where you are in the world (or restroom), these two things make life worth living and make the difference between existing and living.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.