The Rolls Royce of timewasters

Life is precious and in an ideal world, we would all like to make every minute count. But life is also a maze with lots of dead- ends and U-turns and times when a lot was sacrificed for little achievement. That feeling of achievement or lack of can make the difference between a bad day or a good day at work. On a minor level, failure is not getting to the bottom of the to do list. On a major level it is being in the position of someone like John Kerry who, after nine months of negotiators, has failed to engineer a framework of peace between the Palestinians and Israelis. Having looked at the media coverage, I get the impression peace will never be possible under Netanyahu. The whole process needs to learn from the Northern Ireland experience. In fact John Kerry needs to have a chat with Mo Mowlam. They need to stop the talk of each sore being terrorists as an excuse for not continuing. A lot of forgiveness of Sinn Fein and Unionist terrorism was cast to history for the benefit of future generations. That is what Netanyahu needs to think about, the future, rather than vengeance.

On the back of a fairly depressing news broadcast about conflict around the world, I next watched a documentary about Rolls Royce and the number of man hours and investment they channel into achieving ‘perfection’ for people with more money than sense. The average car costs 200k and options tend to be from 50k onwards, such as hampers made out of platinum to the tune of 20k. Of course the hamper will never be used, but apparently that’s not the point. A special project to embed diamonds into interior panelling hoes wrong when the RR quality control team decide it is not good enough. So the silversmith then casts aside his 350 hours spent on the project to start from scratch. Meanwhile the ‘front of house’ manager at RR scans the grounds surrounding the factory to check the grass is the right level and that the trees are the right shape. While I acknowledge it must be a privilege to work for such an esteemed brand, I do not envy the amount of time the entire staff spend on meaningless crape for people who cannot think of better ways to spend their money. 200k alone on a car is ostentatious to say the least but the average RR owner has 7 cars – and that is the best they can do with their disposable income. What a monumental waste of money.

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Powerless and Furious

Last night I was furious – such a brilliant adjective to describe anger at a deeper level. I was wtaching the news (never a good idea) and it just seemed to be one catastrophe after the other. What made me angry was watching people who have the power to make a difference responding, in my view entirely inappropriately.

First, the Gaza conflict. I am I in the minority for believing that the Palestinians need help and support? What Hamas is doing is wrong but Israel’s response is Barbaric, particularly when you look at their actions in the past. From where I am sitting Palestinians are opressed by their Israeli neighbours and an independent body needs to step in and ensure Palestinians are receiving the rights they deserve and ensure Hamas cease the rocket attacks. If Netanyahu continues this course of action then he will no doubt be the subject of a war crimes tribunal. There is talk that he is in danger of losing international sympathy – in my view that has already happenend. Why is it then, that Barack Obama appears to be supporting Israeli action? I used to like him but now I think he is a twat – If he carries on making these public shows of support, he is in danger of losing international credibility.

Second, the Church of England is looking into whether woman should be allowed to become Bishops. At this headline I just had to check the calendar to see if I hadn’t unwittingly stepped into a Delorean. Why the fuck aren’t they allowed already? Then the BBC manage to find a woman who is willing to state, on camera, something along the lines of “I believe woman have a role in society but that men should always play the lead role both in the home and in the church”. This woman was in her forties….. if that. So you can imagine I was swearing at the TV with steam coming out of my ears…..Lord knows what Germaine Greer was doing….

So I went to bed feeling fucked off and furious (wasn’t brave enough to put that in the title) and powerless. I think I would rather not watch the news from now on a be in blissful ignorance. In the meantime I have emailed William Hague in the vain hope that other people think along the same lines as me about Gaza and that the pressure of public opinion might stimulate those in power to take action.

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