Still Lost

The absence of a mobile phone is unsettling to say the least. I have been in mourning mainly because it holds a few nice pics of my kids and moments captured when I didn’t have a camera handy. It has also made me realise how it is the primary means of contact between me and most of my friends. I know they will now be wondering why I haven’t responded to their texts. I feel like I am potentially missing out on some breaking news or an invite that they will feel miffed at with my lack of response. My only hope is email but I know they don’t check their emails as often as their phones. I don’t have landline numbers for most of my friends – suprisingly.

My work colleague went above and beyond today to try and locate it – walking up and down the route that I would have driven as I left work and ringing my phone to see if she could hear it – the battery is probably dead now. Thankfully its pay as you go so I dont have to worry about calls to Hong Kong.

My biggest fear is losing sight of my child in a playground or shopping mall, even for a second. That’s all it takes to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. All the time I am losing personal possessions that’s fine but I feel, like most parents, you have to be extra vigilant when it comes to children – a sad reality. I saw a news programme yesterday of a mother who was still seeking her daughter (Katrice Lee) after 32 years. She had been shopping in a NAAFI in Germany when her then 2 year old daughter disappeared in the shop. They can only assume it was abduction. The Government are calling for a review of the initial investigation as it took 48 hours to notify border control and 6 weeks to interview key witnesses, such as the cashiers at the supermarket. Its incredible that there was such a delay. The mother says after all this time she is waiting to wake-up from the nightmare – 32 years of hell. Puts things into perspective a little doesnt it?  (read the BBC news story).

Every 3 minutes a child goes missing in the UK – visit the Missing People website for more details on how to support the search for loved ones.

Thanks for reading.