Returning from paradise the Disney, Universal, Caribbean cruise experience

We are back and I am now in mourning following the end of our two week break to Florida and the Caribbean courtesy of my Dad and Stepmum who shared the experience with us. There were times when I wanted to divorce my entire family and chuck baby boy off the plane/boat/ride or whatever mode of transport we happened to be on when he kicked off. But those moments were rare and I just drank in all the precious moments with everyone wishing I could just press pause. On the eve of the first week back to reality, I really don’t want things to return to the normal routine. As my daughter said when she went to bed tonight, “it feels weird not sharing a bed with baby bro” (as we had been in the same room together as a family dividing 2 beds between us over 2 weeks). Although sometimes this was a little too much (with baby boy and big sis rubbing each other up the wrong way reaching deafening noise levels in nanoseconds). It was actually enjoyably intimate.

We were all inspired by the countries visited, so much so that I want to visit them again. I have also flirted with the idea of living on the states and have started browsing job sites for vacancies.  There are many aspects of the American way of life that appeal.

When we landed back in the UK, it was cold and grey. As we headed to the car park the heavens opened and it rained hard. It was then our car decided not to start as the battery had gone flat over the past 2 weeks of being stationary. It was then that I started craving a return flight back to the sunshine state, a feeling that sits at the pit of my stomach a bit like feeling homesick, although I am physically home – my spirit has remained in the states.

To combat this rather shitty feeling, I am going to review the highs and lows of the trip over the next few days. Until then please check out my page on unicef’s site and see how I am doing through fundraising via this blog. For every day of downtime, pay £1 in offline fees to UNICEF. So for this trip I have been offline for 16 days! If you want to add your donation visit my Unicef page on the Unicef site.

Thanks for reading.