bikers need to do this

Next week is Isle of Man TT time. Can’t wait to record all the coverage and get a dose of high-speed thrills from the in-board cameras. I remember speaking to an ex rally driver about someone he met at Goodwood Festival of Speed. He was a bike racer although he had never heard of the name until now. When he saw the things this guy had achieved on a bike he put TT racers on a whole different level to other types of Motorsport. He believes Formula One drivers are scientists, as it is all about precision and that rally drivers are the type who like to be on the edge, always on the brink of it. But then he admits that TT racers put a whole new category of mentality in Motorsport……….they are nuts! The biker he met at Goodwood was John McGuiness, a modest and unassuming man but the guy with the biggest cajones in the paddock. 

You only have to see the pictures of bikes within millimetres of stone walls to see what an insane amount of guts these guys (and girls) have. 

When it goes wrong, it is tragic. Racer Simon Andrews died in the TT warm-up race, the North-West this time last year. His family have set-up a charity in his name to help injured riders. A single by Kodiak Jack has been released to raise money for the charity – anyone who rides should listen to this and download it here.

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