Lid on…apron off

It’s been a long time since I posted. So long, I don’t recognise the formatting. I started out with good intentions of a post a day. But life (and apathy) got in the way.

Today I put the ‘man’ into woman. I was done with the ‘wo’ for a while, having spent a sunny Sunday in the galley of the sailing club volunteering so that the rest of the family could enjoy the boating life. The pics of our daughter having fun sailing the topper in the sunshine while her little bro looked on from the tender made all the pan washing worthwhile.

Conscious of my love handles poking out of the apron and my greying hair pinned back with hair grips, I was feeling way to mumsy.

I needed to be introduced to my 17 year old self. So with pleasure I took a meeting as an excuse to jump aboard my cbf600 and take a short buzzy trip in the sunshine. It felt too good and I reluctantly made my way home after the meeting resisting the temptation of the roads inviting a longer journey to the coast.

Ive said this before and I will say it again bike = sanity.

Also enjoying watching the TT – but what the fuck is with the pit stop ladies in their make-up and tight ad clad outfits dotted around the winners enclosure like billboards. C’mon this is 2016 (grrrrr!!!)

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where’s the right place? 

We are going round in circles at the moment, hubby and I, trying to work something out that will suit all of us going forward. I want a change of career, he wants financial security.

One thing we both want is peace between us.

But there is something unsettling for both of us that stops that, a restlessness I can’t quite put my finger on.

Maybe it’s something to do with me being 35 and hubby nearly 38. A time of life when any last minute adjustments in jobs have to be made before the wrong side of 40 hits. 

Either way am not in a good place, not a bad place….just a weird limbo type place. 

Plus I discovered earlier that I have put in weight, so now I definitely am in a bad place. Hence Ryvita for dinner.

Enjoyed watching the TT for a bit of escapism plus the temporary comeback of TFI Friday – forgotten how much I used to love that show.

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Clashing with the alpha male

I fell asleep catching up on pre-race TT footage last night so £1 in the pot to UNICEF for a missed blog.

I am one of the mainstream inspired to follow the TT after watching Guy Martin in The film TT Closer to the edge. I have been hooked ever since. One day I will go there but until then very happy to follow as an armchair enthusiast. Was amazed that Michael Dunlop was able to send his team packing when their bike wouldn’t come up with the goods. Then get on the blower to order another bike in. ImAgine that in F1 – it’s unheard of – if you sign a contract that’s it. Not good PR for the Yamaha R1.

Good to lose myself in bikes at the mo as hubby and I are having another ding dong, surprise surprise – over money. What couple doesn’t argue over money? I am from the school of thought ‘spend it while you have got it as money is no good in a cold hand’ (within reason) but hubby takes pleasure in stockpiling it in a savings account where it earns next to nothing in interest. I feel guilty spending money on food so feel like it is sacrilege to buy something because I or we would like it. I dared to do just that today when I happened upon a brilliant Bluetooth speaker set for £80. The sound quality is amazing and means we can enjoy spotify etc with a decent sound quality rather than the tinny sound you get on the iPad and computer – plus it’s handy to have for parties and get togethers. As I am typing this I feel guilty for buying it, even though the kids were boogying away earlier and my daughter successfully paired it to all our devices. My husband on the other hand is acting like I frittered our life savings away and is angry that I didn’t ask him first (for the precise reason that he would have said no). In fact, he says no most of the time and is a little bit of a dictator in our household (growing up my Dad was so laid back he was almost horizontal so it is a bit of a shock handling a bossy alpha male). Thing is I don’t play the submissive wife role very well and every now and then have to do the odd rebellious act. Why is it I feel like his teenage daughter sometimes rather than his wife – I have earned the money so why shouldn’t I?

Arrrghhh men!!!!

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Desperately seeking bikers (with boobs)

My husband has got a new helmet and pair of bike trousers. He didn’t have to change the size of his trousers, but his helmet did need to go up a size. I didn’t know that your head continues to expand into your thirties, but clearly this is the case  with my husband.

As part of his order, he was given car window stickers that read ‘Born to ride, forced to drive’. I first rode a motorbike when i was 14 and took to it like a duck to water, i wonder what could have happened if i had got into biking earlier. It certainly would have saved me a lot in fuel costs on the daily commute. I would have built up so much experience that would have helped me to ride the bigger bikes, i find them now rather intimidating because i worry if they get dropped thats it, im stuck.

Months have passed and i am stuck driving my estate, commuting on a bike now is impossible with the tiddlywinks in tow. I could go out for a ‘ride’ at the weekend but it feels wrong to be on my own when i could be with the family. Although i would enjoy it i would also feel a bit lonely riding out on my own.

I would love to have a girl friend who also rode a bike but it seems most of the female riders are lesbians, so have absolutely nothing in common with me.

Is there a biking Mum out there who is also in the same quandary. Female petrolheads keep their passion secret, particularly amongst other women. I used to stay up the small hours to watch an F1 GP live and last night was up past my bedtime watching highlights from the Isle of Man TT.

So it would be great to hear from any female bikers out there to exchange experiences and enjoy pep talks.

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Riding in Harmony

This week the mega, insane, awesome, mind-boggling, motorbike hill-climb race of the season has been buzzing round the Isle of Man. The biggest news is the success of King of the Mountain John McGuinness after a week of knocks he claimed his 20th victory in the race everyone wants to win – the seniors on his Honda Legends bike. It was stuff of fairy-tales.

I enjoy watching horses and riders perform in harmony, it is a pleasure to watch. Seeing John and other riders in the TT effortlessly weave their charges from one bend to another, rolling off the throttle if required and leaning in to the bike when it starts to rear is more than just enjoying the thrill of insane speeds. It is also the enjoyment of watching such skill at work.The lightest of touches undertaken in milliseconds makes all the difference between success on the road and complete disaster.

Riders of horses in eventing, show-jumping or dressage have a similar set of skills, which you can observe in display at top level competitions. The lightest of ‘half-halts’ on the reins of a horse in order to hit the right stride to a ridiculously high fence. The smallest of leg aids, to tell a horse of a change of movement in a dressage test, the subtle shift of weight in the saddle across country to communicate a greater collection in anticipation of a bounce fence across country. Both rider and horse and rider and bike combinations are a partnership. In equestrianism it is understanding the psychology of the horse and how to work together to get the best results and in bikes it is understanding the engineering and how to get the most out of it. That is why I enjoy both past-times so much.

One day I look forward to visiting the TT.

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