Blog Action Day – Inequality

Blog Action Day has existed since 2007 to bring about discussion and awareness of key topics affecting our global society. Writing, filming, sharing any kind of media content about the topic can bring key issues to the surface on a global scale.

Tonight,I have an axe to grind on inequality.

My husband and I have been happily married for 10 years. In that time, we have had one major argument that nearly broke us and it was in that period when I was a full-time housewife and he was a full-time ‘breadwinner’. I was as busy as him but in a different way. Because I wanted to do other things in addition to childcare (such as volunteering and sport) my husband felt I was better off working if I had time on my hands to be able to do those things. But I was between a rock and a hard place because I couldnt afford to work because of childcare costs. I was forced into this position through being a mother (which I loved) and being a woman. Once my first born went to school I went straight back to full-time work. Until then, every time my hubby returned from work, I felt like I should be standing to attention at the front door read to report on what I had been doing that day. It was hideous and made me feel very small – we were not equal.

Now with my second child, I have been forced to give up work again because of childcare costs and he has returned to the role of hunter, gatherer and……..nag. We are rowing every other night because he wants to know what I have been doing with my time. Anything remotely ‘lady of leisure’ as he puts it is frowned upon (having a couple of hours ride on a friends horse while my son is at nursery). No, I should be spending every minute of the day working, doing chores and being a housewife. I do, i just want a couple of hours off thats all.

I went for a job that earned a good wage but he was going to have to take a step back from his career if I did it. So I didnt proceed with the interview.

Being a woman is the hardest role of all wherever you are in the world regardless of ethnicity or social status.


Because women have not been on equal status with men since the dawn of time and we keep on ‘sucking it up’.

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When bloggers come together

On 16 October I am joining hundreds of thousands, even millions of fellow bloggers to take action against inequality. The gap between the super-rich and everyone else is widening, so this day will be an exchanging of ideas on wealth re-distribution to make the world a better and fairer place.

Do you fancy joining us? If so register here –

Right, I better start getting my thinking cap on.

This blog is for Unicef.

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Considerably richer than you..and you…and you

I attempted to swim half of the total distance that I need to cover on Saturday for Sport Relief yesterday and finished feeling exhausted with a throbbing headache and no desire to swim another length let alone another 50. After putting the kids to bed later, it was all I could do to swallow let alone talk to my husband, partly down to too much chlorine intake and partly down to the cold virus that has been gaily hopping around our family like its on a booze cruise. So forgive me for not blogging last night, another pound in the pot to Unicef in off-line fees. I know I don’t need a throat to write a blog but my brain was as inspiring as a blank blog post, the words just didn’t want to come forward.

So I am on go slow this week to conserve energy for Saturday. Today something popped in to my work inbox that made me prompt a good blog tonight. Its the latest report from Oxfam on inequality in the UK and how five UK families have the same wealth as 12.5 million people. It does make you question all the hard work we put into fundraising when you think all it would take is a few modest (to them) donations from the country’s richest and a lot of charities could make some real progress for their causes.

Charity is, after all, a voluntary re-distribution of wealth, so why not encourage everyone in society, no matter how rich or poor to either donate time or money or both to helping causes out. For those unable to get a job, helping out a charity would give them valuable work experience. For those so moneyed they have lost touch with the real world, time spent with a charity will put them in touch with real people and maybe inspire them to invest in a cause that could help solve some serious issues.

I watched a programme about billionaires and how they became billionaires. One chap said the more people you help, the more money you make – a mantra that he has passed on to his children who now run successful social enterprises. If only more billionaires had that approach to life.

Going back to the Oxfam report, they debate the best approach for society and look at countries such as Sweden and Japan who have fairly equal societies compared to the UK and US. Some economists argue we need the mega rich and that re-distributing wealth is bad for the economy. Of course I disagree and feel that as the gap widens in the UK between the rich and poor, the Londoners and the rest of the country, there is a driver for this trend and it is in the shape of George Osborne, David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Tories at large – before any changes can be made its time for this lot to be discarded on the political scrapheap where they belong.

God knows who we would replace them with though….another white middle-class Eton educated man who will please men over 60 and Daily Mail readers? Where is a black gay woman when you need one at the top?

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