Quit while you are ahead

My husband is to casually employ a female for the first time. In any office environment this is of course perfectly normal and common, we are, after all, 50% of the population. But when your ‘office environment’ consists of nothing but the inside of a lorry and working up a sweat in large gardens in often remote or rural areas with no-one else working with you or around, you can see how the working environment could be classed as intimate.

So I could be forgiven for being slightly perturbed at the prospect of my husband working in this environment with a female. Today I have learnt that he had her on a trial day –  already he started off on the back foot by not telling me he worked with her the first time until this evening. Unfortunately for me she is not fat, ugly, hairy and a lesbian. She is (I quote) ‘about 19 or 20’ …..but its OK because she has a boyfriend. Within seconds I was preparing for life as a single Mum, working through new work arrangements, child-care and finances. I then gave him the cold shoulder as if he had already ‘done the dirty’. I know this is a ridiculous over-reaction but I can’t help myself. I am now moping around as if I already am a single mum. The worse thing about it is I can’t seem to stop myself behaving in this manner and I m now worried that if I continue in this manner I will drive him away. I know I should be thinking about equality of the sexes and believing that a woman can do a stereotypical ‘man’s job’ without there being issues with male/female relations. But, my instincts tell me we live in the real world and my cavewoman instincts say ‘chop her head off’ (or my husband’s dick…or both).

I know it is completely unreasonable to ask him not to employ her and I considered my pride was strong enough to prevent me from putting in that request. But, nethertheless I have registered my concern and it has fallen on deaf ears.

So, for the record, today is Tuesday 29th October 2013 and I really hope that I will still be married without incident by this time next year, which will be after our 10th wedding anniversary. Lets hope I am being a melodramatic idiot.

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