Life’s rich tapestry

Owing to a vile tummy bug, I have missed two blog posts so £2 in the pot to Unicef. Although now on the mend I have been hoping and praying the children dont get it as it makes you feel like death warmed up. I havent eaten since Friday eve and even then it was just toast.

The first day I felt rubbish I muscled through it and went on a 3 hour hack on a horse I ride for a friend, it was well worth the effort as I havent ridden such a good horse in ages, but it turns out he is going to be sold as they dont have enough time for him. Typical that when I want to help them out I cant because of a stupid bug. So I waved the white flag and went to bed.

My baby boy is nearly three and he has already got a girlfriend, in fact he was ‘married’ on Halloween. The older children performed a ceremony in the front garden of our local pub, then said ‘and now you may go on honeymoon’. He has been talking about how he is on honeymoon ever since. He also likes fireworks and is not the least bit bothered by the noise, every time we go outside in the dark he says ‘fireworks, fireworks’.

My daughter has ad a traumatic week with a girl that has been nasty to her, to the extent I have had to get involved. It tirns put she is going to be in the School Christmas play with her, so hopefully they will work things out……..part of learning about life’s rich tapestry.

This blog is for Unicef.

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Bang goes that idea

Just took quick pause to watch our village’s fireworks out the kitchen window. We are that close – its a bonus. Hubby and daughter are bonfire-side guzzling hotdogs and craning their necks and I am manning the fort with a baby boy so tired he slept through all the bangs. My youngest dog on the other hand went and hid. I couldn’t work out where she had got to until I heard the soft pitter patter of paws as she came down the stairs. We never allow dogs upstairs (OK maybe I do when hubby is away and I fancy something to cuddle at night) so I found it quite amusing that she literally went to hide under her bed. She tried barking but those big men with guns wouldn’t go away so she defaulted to hiding – wise dog.

Woman flu has morphed into sinusitis and felt so rubbish last night I turned in early so pound in the pot for a missed blog post. Today was spent indoors away from the cold and to stay in for the carpet men who are helping us get rid of the final leftovers of our house’s predecessors. There is something a bit yuk about living with someone else’s carpet. I’m not OCD or anything but its nice to be able to ‘name that stain’ rather than guess and hope that its not what it looks like or worse, smells like!

So ably assisted by my daughter I pretended to be a domestic goddess for the day. I rarely attempt this as I usually fail miserably but at, what is averaging out to be, once a quarter I give it a stab. I know I will never measure up to the likes of Mary Berry or my own mother in law but I can pretend anyway.

One of my first problems is that I aim too high. I picked up a recipe that I tore out of a magazine for a rock cake. there were 2 choices: a simple rock cake recipe or a spiced up rock cake recipe featuring ingredients I never knew existed let alone trying to locate the relevant supermarket aisle. Of course I went for the spicy version, even though my husband is a complete woose when it comes to anythng spicy and my daughter is highly likely to pull a face after the first mouthful. I also attempted a chocolate curd muffin. You can guess what a good alternative name would be. I only had half the amount of goats cheese required. My solution? make up the shortfall with mature cheddar. Boy you could taste it after. The texture wasn’t bad, it smelt chocolately, it was (dare I say it) appetising to look at. Even the first bite wasnt bad. However 3 bites in and your palate struggles to comprehend what it is consuming – is it cheesecake? No its a brown muffin. Is it a savoury scone? No because there is chocolate in there somewhere…. Here is the best way to describe the taste sensation. Imagine you are eating out of a lunchbox and in it there is a cheese sandwich and a Mars Bar – if you eat the Mars bar first followed, very quickly, by the cheese sandwich, then that is what my muffins tasted like. So, in fact, i have unwittingly created a great space-saving lunch-snack. I wouldn’t mind so much but I made over 20 of the damn things. My baby boy seems to like them although he eats almost anything and it is going down well with the birds.

Have just tasted my spicy rock cakes – they are neither spicy nor tasty – just bland. Oh well back to the drawing board. Only 2 weeks to go til my boy’s 1st birthday so have some time between now and then to get a few baking practice runs in.

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