The Dresden hell – a war crime that is yet to be heard.

Unless you are a historian, there are stories about World War 2 that still emerge as if they are new reports, unheard of before. New reports of more suffering. I am talking about the Dresden bombing. The British and allies were relentless in their attack, turning the city into an inferno, with few survivors and unimaginable suffering to children, adults and the elderly. That, as a nation, we inflicted this suffering, is hard to comprehend.

The Independent printed the witness account of a British prisoner of war who saw the suffering as soon as the bombs started to drop and later helped to recover survivors, sadly most of the city’s families had not only died but melted in the scorching heat. In his account he tells of the relief when they finally encounter survivors in ¬†what he describes as the Devil’s work – people cooked alive as they submerged into roads melted into hot tar. He knows no nationality, no blame just suffering and the human beings who survived and those who didnt.

To find out more about Dresden, 70 years ago, read Victor Gregg’s account here.

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