Dos and Donts at Disney

It turns out last night’s search for a mini break did the job in lifting my Dad’s spirits when I spoke to him this morning. He called my daughter to wish her a happy birthday and although he said that we shouldn’t feel the need to treat them, I could tell he was looking forward to discussing when and where they should go with my stepmum.

So to reconvene what happened before and during the trip, first my husband got his back waxed. He isn’t that hairy despite his hairy gorilla-like behaviour, so it was a tad excessive to charge him £40 for the removal of 10 hairs. Especially when he developed a rash, as I did, when I was waxed. I don’t know what’s worse, hair or raised red bumps.

As with most family holidays, there were many highs and a few lows. The lowest point being the one day I had planned to be perfect -isn’t it always the way? It was the one day I had scheduled activities in advance for my daughter’s ‘holiday’ birthday. At mid-day she was scheduled to have a princess makeover at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique in Downtown Disney, followed by a trip to Magic Kingdom and dinner at Cinderella’s Royal Table in the castle. I was very lucky to get this slot as it was the only one available that week (as most people book months in advance). I soon found out the reason why – it was the wrong side of the ‘wishes’ fireworks. If I can give you one piece of advice when booking the Royal Table, book it before 8pm. Any later and you have to desperately find an entrance to the castle once the fireworks have finished, which takes at least 15 minutes for the cast members to clear the barricades around the castle and check for any fireworks on the floor surrounding the castle. This is 15 minutes too long when you have a tired and very hungry princess and a tired and very grumpy king (or Dad). He was already mad at me for not getting to MK until later in the day and was reeling at the cost of entry when we were only going to be in the park for a few hours. But all the advice on the blogs told me to not attempt a full day at MK plus electric parade and fireworks at night – it would be too much. This would have been fine in theory if we had enjoyed a relaxing morning, not leaving the hotel until it was time for the mid-day princess appointment at the Boutique. However, my husband and father decided to spend the morning returning the hire car to the airport to get a slightly smaller car to make a saving on hire charges. They made it sound simple, we all go to the airport, swap the cars and drive on to the princess Boutique. In reality we got lost, flustered, had a whole load of hassle with the paperwork when we got there and ended up being late for the Bobbidi Boutique. We arrived already tired and flustered. Afterwards, my daughter participated in the princess parade, which was wonderful but after it finished we did not have enough energy to embark on a journey to MK, so went to the Rainforest Café for a drink, only for hubby to then panic that we were going to order food at an ‘extortionate’ price. He then proceeded to harangue me over my decision not to do MK til later and why I booked dinner so late. It was a one-sided argument as I was avoiding confrontation while my Dad and stepmum quietly observed as I received a ‘telling off’. When we finally arrived at MK around 4pm, my hubby then had to buy the Disney pass for the week, which, at $800, was not cheap. Once he parted with the cash he spent our entire visit at MK brooding over the cost while I ignored him and kept positive for my daughter’s sake.

Suppressing emotions and pressure doesn’t last for long and I was feeling quite tearful when Minnie Mouse gave me an extra hug when I said the last time I saw her I was 8 years old. On the flip-side, the electrical parade was amazing and a lovely cast member called Gene ensured we had a good viewing spot. Later at the castle, my daughter was almost falling asleep by the time we were led to our table, but received a beautiful photograph of her with Cinderella and enjoyed meeting all the other princesses. Baby boy didn’t see any of it as he was out for the count and unfortunately my Dad and stepmum had to dine elsewhere as I couldn’t get a table big enough for all of us. As we left the castle, my daughter dressed as Princess Merida from Brave, said “ugh, that food was disgusting”!

We would have enjoyed it so much more had my hubby not been in such a foul mood and the hire car and late table booking debacle notz happened. But despite all this, it was still an amazing experience, just not what I had in mind. It just goes to show that the most happy and enjoyable days are the ones that aren’t planned at all, they just happen.

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