Dad the Basset hound

It is 9.30 in the morning in Sydney, which is where my Dad and stepmom have just arrived to commence their honeymoon of a lifetime.

In the space of a couple of years my Dad has made the woman he loves his wife, obtained broadband where he lives in the sticks, discovered the World Wide Web, got his email, registered a Skype profile and bought a tablet pc.

The biggest change is that he is now a big softie, looking at me, his grandchildren and my stepmom with a doughy eyed look similar to that of an old Basset hound. In fact, what with his slight hobble, if he was a dog he would be a basset.

My Dad proves that with age comes an appreciation of time and that it is not infinite, so he is doing what we should all be doing, appreciating what is right in front of him.

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The best Christmas

I enjoyed observing my daughter and my son spending time with my Dad today. My lovely stepmum kindly collected my daughter from the bus as my Mum-in-Law wasn’t able to do it this week because of a garden opening for over 50 people. She kindly sorted dinner and pudding out for my daughter and had kept enough aside for baby boy so there was one less thing for me to worry about when I arrived after work to collect her. 

As I walked in Dad was sat on the sofa next to my daughter watching one of my favourite childhood films, the BFG. I remember it was shown as a Christmas special on TV when I was about 11 or 12, It marked a very special Christmas with just my Dad. A year when it was particularly difficult to return home to my Mum after spending a magical Christmas with Dad. I remember gazing out the car window afterwards with Mum and her boyfriend sat in the front of the car on our way to a very uninspiring shopping trip and willing my body to just fly up and transport back to the cosy living room of my Dad’s cottage with its crackling fire, multi-coloured glistening christmas tree in the window and shiny dangly decorations hanging from each corner of the room. I remember feeling a bit like Sophie in the film disappearing off to live with the BFG (or in this case my Dad). I have never felt the same about Christmas since. 

So to see my daughter enjoying the film sat in the same sitting room with my dad as I did over 25 years ago was very special to witness, which is why I am attempting to capture it in this blog post so that I can recall it in another 20 years time.

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