A burger of a day

It rained today and felt like we had time travelled from a hot summer’s day to a wet winter one, complete with the onset of cold symptoms. Tiredness and my raspy throat didn’t do much for my stamina as we went to visit our second cousins (cousins plus children 2 and 4). Baby boy played nicely with his 2nd cousin despite receiving a bite from her a few weeks back (hence the nick-name ‘shark-bite’) although I was a bit anxious when they had the occasional issue sharing a toy in readiness for whipping him away from ‘jaws’. Meanwhile my daughter spent most of the time in arguments with the four year old (a severe clash of ages, one who likes to play by the rules and one who doesn’t).

On┬áthe whole it was a good day but I was hoping that things would improve by the time we got to pottery painting in the afternoon. Things were promising when we first arrived as both babies were asleep and remained asleep as we transferred them from the car to the buggy. However we were asked to wait 30 minutes before pottery painting could commence so, typically, by the time painting was well underway (with the four year old spilling water and paint everywhere and my daughter crying out in frustration every time she made a mistake) our babies decided to wake up. We then attempted to keep them entertained using a combination of paintbrushes, sticker books, juice and chocolate chip cookies. This was made harder by my choice to attempt painting a baby’s mug while supervising…in the end my friend had to do most of the running around, sponging off my daughter’s mistakes, mopping up the four year old’s spillages and keeping her baby entertained. In my complete absence of mind I rushed off to get biscuits and juice from the restaurant and left my baby boy who then started to scream in his high-chair…what was I thinking? I did a complete about turn swooped him out of the seat and then spent 6 pounds on unhealthy snacks to buy 5 minutes peace. I felt so bad for having not done enough to help out my friend and worried about my lack of brain power in such situations, I lack the initiative to think “Wouldn’t it be helpful if I did this…”. This is all the more embarrassing as my friend (and husband’s cousin) is 10 years older than me.

I then raced home to meet the estate agent to sign all the paperwork, fed the kids and then as I was tucking up my daughter she said “What about swimming Mummy?” …..I realised I had totally forgotten about her regular swimming lesson. “Oh bugger”….Mummy don’t swear….whoops sorry I meant “burger”. Turns out I say bugger too often so have to replace the utterance to burger to lessen its severity.

Lets hope I am like a wine and improve with age….

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