It’s been 12 days

Since my last post.

I was hoping to be able to contribute something every day. 
So, I had a think about what could be achieve able and I considered how I would like to look back on my younger years when I’m old and frail. It’s a bit like looking back at photos and films of family and friends from years ago. At the time when you take them it didn’t seem like things would change that radically. But looking back the main emotion you feel is wonder that life was ever like that.

So a sentence or two a day, well worded, just to give a flavour of the day should be enough to jolt memories. I encourage you to try it.

For me there are things I didn’t expect I would be feeling at 36. A marriage that is still giving brilliant highs and depressing lows, a job that I didn’t intend to be doing but things change and so do priorities. The number one priority being a job that means you see your children! And a house and location I didn’t expect – the last place I thought we would be in for years…

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.


what we love about the hate in marriage

Yes you can’t live with them but can’t live without them too.

I am growing to love the ups and downs of marriage.

It’s just my career need to sort out now. 

I will entertain you with my journey to a job interview in tomorrow’s blog post.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

Downing tools on the status quo

£1 in the pot to UNICEF last night as I skipped a blog post to prepare for my assessment to join he social worker course today. 

I am absolutely exhausted. The day took us through some of the scenarios presented to social workers and we were involved in exercises such as group discussions, role play, writing reports and an interview. All of which I thoroughly enjoyed and it re-affirmed my desire to become a social worker.

The only downside is I will have to spend part of the course commuting to a university in the heart of London, which means ££££ in travel costs. Something my reluctant hubby found to be an e tea negative marked against the course. I am trying everything to make it happen (if I pass the test) he is doing everything to put me off because of financial reasons. 

My response is to down tools in my current meaningless job and say, well if I can’t do social work then it will have to be something close as the status quo is not an option. I think it was that statement that brought semi-relief to me and made him sit up and listen.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.