Christmas bugs

I missed my blog post last night because I was busy examining both of our toilets on a frequent basis, the attack of tummy bug mark 2. By midnight my head was throbbing because of dehydration (it was both ends) and frankly I just wanted to be switched off. Then I overheard my hubby trying to catch the sick from baby boy when he was mid tooth brush and I was more upset for him as you would suffer twice over if it meant your children didnt get it. Thankfully it was only the once for him, he slept soundly and was right as rain by morning. A couple of ibuprofens and  dioralytes later and I was finally on the mend too. This came as a relief o hubby who had managed some serious multi-tasking on Saturday: tree work, log deliveries, dog walk and christmas food shopping all with kids in tow.

I remembered all the times myself and my family had been ill and it had been mostly over the Christmas period. The bugs, the colds and the lurgys are worse in this country over winter because we are all inside more exchanging more germs. It made me hanker for the sunny states of America, Australia or anywhere else where the sun shines and people are happy and healthy. One year before I die I would love to experience Christmas in the Sun.

This blog is for Unicef, for every missed post I donate £1 and fellow bloggers are welcome to donate too.

Thanks for reading.