Bridget at home

Following on from yesterday’s blog, I now have ‘Halloween toe’. It is black, green, purple and red. It looks like it is going to drop off any second.

I cant bend it so I am walking like John Thorn, lifting my foot up, along and down like a robot. I was dreading someone asking what was wrong and was trying to think up a reason other than the┬áreal reason (because it is a tad embarrassing). I thought my husband was heading for a mid-life crisis…….

Talking of which, my husband told me there is this girl in his office who sounds and looks like Bridget Jones. I think ‘why would he want a Bridget at work when he has one at home?’.

The cheating husband of a friend of mine mentioned to me that she and I should share a horse together (because he wants her to use the money he has got o make his guilt diminish through buying big things for her). I’m not going to help him do that.

Secretly my friend is planning to turn her house into a woman’s refuge for wives who have been let down in some way by their husbands. What with the children and the dogs associated with all the wobbly marriages we are aware of it would become a cult.

This blog is for Unicef.

Thanks for reading.