Anonymous musings = freedom of expression + in aid of UNICEF

The idea of this blog is simple.

I am going to commit to write a blog for the rest of my life (gulp!!)

If you enjoy reading my blog posts then it would be fab if you could donate £1 or $1 to Unicef – this link to make a donation will feature on every single posting.

If, on the other hand, you think I write crap then keep your money.

If I could just make £1 or $1 a day for Unicef that’s great. All I need is 1 happy blog reader a day…..I’m hoping it won’t be too difficult!

As there will be days when I am ill and can’t face writing or I might be on holiday and away from the internet. In these situations I will give Unicef a donation for downtime.

Why do this? Because I want to help Unicef keep children safe across the world from war, famine and all the other nasties you see and hear on the news. I don’t want to be a powerless passive observer of all these atrocities. I have done the sponsored swims etc but I want to make a more longer term commitment. This seems the most realistic and achievable thing that I can do to raise money.

Why Unicef? Because they are there for children in the long-term. They have specialist projects internationally in some of the most hard to reach areas to help give children the support and the help that they need to get a better life. I was particularly inspired by Unicef’s work when watching Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman’s motorcycle adventures in the Long Way Round and the Long Way Down.

Thanks for reading x


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