Begging for the truth

The reports of the desperation of Syrian refugees and the suffering they continue to endure as they seek a safe haven concerns us all. 

Yet it is difficult sometimes to prove concern is genuine when walking by a homeless person in London begging on the side of the street. I acknowledge their existence with an apologetic smile knowing that I havent got much in my purse to give, mainly because most of it has gone on childcare and commuting and food – but at least I have the money to start with. 

A couple of the people sleeping rough looked like they could be asylum seekers. It made me wonder if they too had travelled a long and perilous journey to survive only to end up on the side of a cold wet street collecting coins with a coffee cup. I wanted to give but I couldn’t, so I joined the many walking past one person in need. If we can’t help one person then what chance do thousands of migrants have?

It is a sad and lonely thought about the real truth of being human – there is only so much we can do beyond our own needs and that of our family. 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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