Parenting, dreams and doing the right thing

When you are young, there are so many, wishes and dreams and hopes and aspirations buzzing around in your little head. Some of them are big, some may seem trivial or taken for granted by others. As life goes on, things happen – “events Watson, events” that send you a million miles away from your childhood dreams. Bits of reality turn out to be unexpectedly good, other parts of life push dreams away. 

I feel on the one hand I was blessed with motherhood – something I didn’t aspire to be when I was young but am sooo glad it happened. On the other hand the dreams I had of earning my living didn’t quite pan out. But, with the upkeep of home and costs of supporting children, the luxury of picking and choosing how you make your living no longer exists. 

Plus, as much as I would like to work part-time so I could be around for the children more – those hours just don’t pay the bills. With careers there is no half way house – it’s all or nothing. Which means more childcare and less work/life balance. So every moment with the children outside of those working hours is precious. A good thing but can put things under pressure too.

So you do your best and hope that things turn out OK. But I do find pushing out the seeds of doubt as to whether I am doing the right thing a daily occurrence. I think that is probably true of parents the world over.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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