A better news?

Either I’m getting old or Radio 1 and just any music radio station just won’t cut it for me on my morning and Eve commute. The music is never quite right and the news quality is pants.

So I have made the switch to Radio 4. I am now hooked. The key to giving it the time f day is to commit to listening for 30 mins. Enough to really listen to the topic of conversation. It’s intriguing, fascinating, mildly entertaining but best of all, particularly with the news, you get the impression you are receiving the best possible reports. Of course the BBC is not free from biased reporting, but, as reporting goes, the spokespeople, the interviews, the overall quality is far superior to other stations and TV. 

However most of it is depressing. The war in Syria, the problems with the economic downturn, mental health, homelessness, sexual assaults, murders, paedophiles, it’s all just grim, grim, grim.

And the average person on the street can’t do much about it except spare a few pounds to charity, donate items to a local charity shop, tweet as a protest, sign a petition, maybe do a run for charity just giving etc ….but that’s it. Meanwhile people are determined to blow each other up regardless of who gets caught in the crossfire and the Kardashians continue to count their dollars and their Facebook likes.

It’s f***** up but no one has come up with a better alternate existence.

So we all just muddle through and try not to focus on the bad stuff for too long….

This blog is for UNICEF – a charity very much in demand in this crazy world. 

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