Wrong pan, wrong night

A friend of mine once said ‘you can only retain in your brain the equivalent of an armful of washing – too much and the odd sock gets dropped along the way’.

In my case it was a school jumper. I realised while putting the children in the bath that I was meant to be at parents evening….or rather my husband had realised. I was sure it was the following day because my phone had told me so (I trust the phone to remind me about everything but forget that it relies on me putting the correct info in the first place!).

Thankfully I have an understanding teacher but nethertheless felt bad as this is the first parents Eve I have been too at a new school so need to show that I share an interest in my child’s education….

Earlier that Eve my husband had taken the kids to our local supermarket between tea and bed desperately trying to locate a frying pan so we could do pancake day (as all our pans dont work on the new hob in our house). He got home only to find the one he just bought didn’t work either – so pancake day has been postponed…..

All in all both hubby and I felt like failures today.

Think I will now go to bed and try again tomorrow……

This blog is for the fantastic UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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