Families helping families through Sports Relief

I had lots of quality time with everyone over last weekend….well maybe not so much the hubby – because we were both being a busy pair of bees flitting from one house/ childcare job to the other. At times I did feel like throttling my little son, but most of the time I wanted to cuddle and kiss him to bits. My daughter continues to grow rapidly but still appreciates cuddles too.

Sport relief will help raise money for vulnerable children across the UK and elsewhere – particularly in Syria. One of the Radio 1 DJs recorded an interview with a family in Jordan, who fled Syria, their home, possessions etc for their safety. 

They lost their father en route when he was kidnapped and later discovered he had been killed. All they can hope for is surviving day by day. One lady said she would rather live in a tent for the rest of her life than go back to Syria.

All families should feel safe and have good health and wellbeing, regardless of ethnicity and origin. 

Which is why initiatives such as Sport Relief are so vital – giving those who exist in peace, the opportunity to help those living in turmoil.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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