This post will only make sense if you are horsey

I’m 36, been riding since I was 3 and lost count of how many horses and ponies I have ridden. But, one year out of the saddle and it feels virtually as if I am going back to square 1 – pleased if I nail a smooth canter transition.

For my birthday I had a flat work lesson with an inexperienced trainer but dressage rider by the name of Pablo. He was great – got me on the lunge and then picked apart my position – just what I needed. (I have to confess rather enjoying him demonstrating what position my body needs to be in for the ideal location in the saddle!).

I kept reassuring my horsey ego that even the top riders in the world need their position fine tuned from time to time.

We then went in to the arena, where dressage horses and riders were sauntering round like they owned the place (because they did) and in I come with my silk and champion hat and a steamy complexion after already exhausting myself for 30 mins on the lunge. It wasn’t just my fab but slightly less than forward going horse Nikon who was physically steaming under a coat….

I was asked to obey the rules of the road when it came to passing people but I was too focused on holding on to a relatively good position, keeping impulse and not passing out to worry about whether I was playing a game of chicken with the other riders.

My poor hearing combined with Pablos Spanglish meant some instructions were lost in translation..

But I loved every minute of it, passing rows upon rows of beautiful horses in stable blocks that went through the alphabet, inhaling the most comforting and heart-warming smells – the horse….I have missed my four legged and swishy tailed, twitchy eared friends. 

This blog is for fellow equines and UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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