Migration between counties

We have moved.

Children are happy, I have an hour and a half’s commute each way and the dogs look confused. There are still boxes dotted around the place awaiting to be stored into furniture we have yet to buy, or a shed we have yet to erect.

What I find most bizarre is the house we left after 8 years, where our daughter spent her early years and our son was born, was left without a backward glance from us. I have been waiting for the mourning/yearning for the old house to kick-in, but it hasn’t. 

In fact our new house feels right. The furniture certainly helps, but it does give the impression that we gave been here a lot longer than 2 weeks. I am hoping that is a good sign.

Another factor is the are – we hardly know it. So just as we are discovering the house, we are discovering the area round it – the dog walks, the shops, the community etc – it’s all there just waiting to be explored. We just have to try and squeeze this exploration into the weekends as we are both working like dogs in the week to pay mortgage + bills.

Exciting things are happening. I need a job change for obvious reasons….for me though one of the biggest changes is volunteering to be an independent visitor who takes a young person in  are out for the day to enjoy an activity once a month. My first activity is this weekend and I cannot wait. It will be nerve-wracking for both of us as it feels strange initially but hopefully my young person will enjoy my company and fund our visits beneficial. 

As this blog is for UNICEF, I donate a fee to the charity for participating. Due to commitments, I am now going to do twice yearly donations rather than £1 per missed post. 

This blog is for memories, this blog is food for thought and discussion,  this blog is for UNICEF.

The world needs UNICEF more than ever right now. 

Thanks for reading.


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