Age old obstacles

It’s not easy to know how to entertain a teenage boy. 

I have volunteered to learn and I hope to succeed through go-karting and general motorsport shenanigans. Thankfully it is a hobby I enjoy too.

However, I am on the cusp of old ladyness. Inside, I am still 17 – as is everyone. But when you approach 36, you can no longer attempt a level of coolness. I have a friend who is pushing 37 and she still races – which I think is cool but is there a point when it definitely won’t be? What age will that happen? Bit like when you realise clubbing is definitely a no go area because past a certain age you may look a bit ‘sad’. 

So, I’m not going to be ‘down with the kids’. I am just me. Slightly old, slightly bonkers with her heart in the right place. Hopefully I will get some ‘respect’ for that.

Oh, and I like UK garage music. I loved it as a teenager but now Im in my 30s I still love it…..but not sure I allowed to….

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading.


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