The right way to start Christmas

Tonight we got a fantastic dose of community in the shape of a school carol service in our local church.

The church hasn’t seen so many people in generations and the vicar said that if the number of people attending a carol service continued more frequently he would have to apply for an extension. 

Although I am not religious, I am a sucker for a Church. I got married in a church and people quite rightly say that it was hypocritical. However, to me anywhere else wouldn’t have felt right.

Same with Christmas, the original reason for Christmas is religious, but for non-believers it is a chance to take a pause from the daily grind and appreciate time at home with the people you care about. It’s also about taking a pause from the general shittiness that life brings, getting rid of all the hate, helping others and showing care to one another. But it’s still hard not to trivialise all this through an obsession with the High street and online deals. Which I think is where places like the church come in. It cuts all that crap out and just focuses the mind on the good stuff. 

I went to a catholic school so was put through Jesus of Nazareth on an annual basis and ‘hail Mary’d’ my way to December 25th. But for the first time ever, this year I am going to church on Christmas Eve with the children. I am not religious but it seems like the right way to start Christmas.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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