Nativity at night-time

Nativity, it’s the month when parents, grandparents and carers get the chance to see their little loved ones sing and do their best to say words they have been practicing for weeks. 

For us, it was our son’s last nativity at pre-school. He was a Roman soldier. My husband asked if he needed a sword and my daughter said: “He’s counting the folk not killing them!”

When we arrived the other soldier had a sword and the teacher had to occasionally swipe it away as she was helping the children with their lines.

My son was acting like a teenager, with his spiked up hair he pulled faces all the way through, barely said his lines and didn’t sing one word.

Then after it was all over he ate a mince pie and then larked around with the three wise men, playing with cardboard crowns and lots of running around in circles. The adults meanwhile drank mulled wine and listened to the results of the raffle.

When my son went to bed, he then sang all the songs perfectly before drifting off to sleep…..typical!

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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