After midnight in Bhopal – 3 December 

Tonight is dedicated to the victims of the 1984 Union Carbide chemical disaster that killed and maimed thousands.

The US company was never properly brought to justice for the deaths and suffering it caused. The Executives, who should have been tried and sentenced for corporate manslaughter, got off Scott free. 

What is saddening is if this disaster had happened in Western society Dow Chemical, who own Union Carbide, would simply not have survived such catastrophic failing in basic health and safety practices. It’s yet another case of the poor and the cultural minority treated as less than human.

It’s shocking that even today Dow Chemical continue to avoid any responsibility for cleaning up the toxic factory. As a result, the local population in Bhopal continue to be poisoned. Deformities, birth abnormalities, infant mortalities, miscarriages, continue in Bhopal as a result of Dow Chemical’s gross negligence. 

Thankfully, charities like the Bhopal Medical Appeal, exist to give the people in Bhopal hope and respite from their suffering. 

This blog is for UNICEF

This blog is against Dow Chemical.

Thanks for reading. 


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