Christmas greetings to an Alzheimer’s sufferer

How do you write a Christmas Card to someone who is consumed by Alzheimer’s?

My husband’s Auntie was diagnosed with the condition 2 years ago. In that time she has gone from a busy, intelligent, chatty retired secondary school maths teacher to a bed-ridden spirit of her former self, with zero recognition of her husband or children. 

How do you write to someone who has resigned themselves to their fate through refusing to eat – Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!

I write in the hope that as her husband reads it out to her she will enjoy looking at the picture on the front. 

I am also going to send her the biggest brightest bouquet of flowers I can find for her room. 

Alzheimer’s is cruel in every way to the sufferer, their friends and family.

I hope one day they find a cure.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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