Housing poundland

We are trying to move house at the moment, so these headlines make interesting reading….

New research from Savills has suggested that an extra 350,000 English households will be unable to access subsidised or market-rate housing in the next five years. The research comes as a separate study from researchers at Cambridge University claimed that the Government’s new right-to-buy scheme could lead to a £31m increase in the housing benefit bill. Additionally, data from the National House Building Council has found that the UK’s largest housebuilders are slowing the construction of homes, with the number of new homes registered in the three months to the end of September falling by 2% compared to a year ago.  Financial Times, Page: 2 Daily Mail, Page: 18 Financial Times, Page: 4

 Housing Bill questioned

In a letter to the Guardian signatories including, the Shadow Chancellor, John McDonnell, Defend Council Housing’s Eileen Short, and Unison’s Dave Prentis, warn that the housing and planning bill currently before parliament will make the housing crisis worse. They argue that the bill intends to reduce the number of genuinely affordable homes and encourages further property speculation. The Guardian, Page: 38


£1 a home scheme sees couple lose out

The Daily Mail examines the case of Linda and George Hunter, Liverpool residents who paid off their mortgage but have found the value of their home fall drastically after Liverpool City Council offered the rest of the street’s properties for sale at £1 each. Daily Mail, Page: 29

Wow…..I’m moving to Liverpool!!!

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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