Anxious futures

Communities under strain – cuts and what they could lead to examined in this story:

The outlook for social care is “grim”
David Brindle cites a report from the LGA which states councils in England spend a third of their adult social care budget on learning disability while the number of children in special schools are forecast to increase at more than twice the rate of numbers in mainstream schools over the next five years. Izzi Seccombe, the LGA’s community wellbeing spokesperson says that in some councils, “supporting those with learning disabilities is becoming even more of a challenge than caring for our growing elderly population.” Mr Brindle goes on to quote figures from the King’s Fund which show net spending on adult social care for all age groups is more than 10% lower than it was in 2009 and continuing at the same rate would be halved by 2020. The outlook for social care is “grim”, the King’s Fund says. The LGA is calling for full funding of social care in the spending review to avert further cuts. Guardian, p40

Glad that UK schools are better at welcoming children from different cultures than some of our European counterparts…

Migrants ‘do not lower school results’
Higher levels of immigration do not damage educational achievement in the host country, a global study from the OECD economic think tank suggests. It found no link between the numbers of migrant children and the performance of school systems. But it indicated wide gaps in a sense of “belonging” – with the lowest levels among migrant students in France. The OECD’s Andreas Schleicher said many migrant families were “hugely motivated” to succeed in education. The study also examined how much young migrants identified with their school or felt excluded. It found that migrant pupils in the UK and the US were particularly likely to be positive about schools in their adopted country – while in France and Belgium, they were among the least likely to feel a sense of belonging. BBC News

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