Tuesday’s headlines are…

Headlines that made me think today:

Demand for temporary social care workers rises in London

London councils are increasingly having to rely on temporary social care workers to fill staffing gaps, with a survey conducted by Comensura finding demand up 12.9% across all roles. By contrast, across the rest of England the number of hires fell by 1.8%. Evening Standard, Page: 59


Study links WCA to suicides

A study by experts at Liverpool and Oxford universities has found the introduction of more strict Work Capability Assessments has coincided with an additional 279,000 cases of mental illness and 590 suicides. While the study could not prove cause and effect, mental health charity Mind said the findings amounted to evidence that the new fit-to-work tests could be “seriously harmful”. The research compared local trends in suicide, antidepressant prescribing and self-reported cases of mental ill health in English local authorities, with the numbers of disability assessments carried out between 2004 and 2013. The Independent, Page: 19   Independent i, Page: 17   Yorkshire Post, Page: 6

 Only a quarter of young people will own a home in 2025

Only 26% of 20 to 39-year-olds in England will live in a home they own by 2025, down from 38% in 2013, according to research by PwC. A supply shortage and soaring house prices will drive the decrease in ownership for so-called Generation Rent, while the over 55’s are expected to be insulated from the changes, with 75% expected to own their home in 2025, unchanged from present levels. The proportion of young people who rent a property is set to rise from 45% to 59% over the same period. Daily Express, Page: 15   The Times, Page: 42    The Sun, Page: 43

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