Finding Someone just like me

I have become obsessed with sourcing childcare for our children.

We are moving areas so up heaving everything, schools, pre-schools, childminders, tutors…..don’t even get me started on dog-walkers..

The area we are moving too is a lot more populated than our current location. We are spookily for choice with the amount of childminders in the area, but after having contacted 50+ childminders, Nannies and nurseries we gave still get to find someone who can provide before and after school childcare plus holidays, 5 days a week for our children. 

Sure we’ve gad a few come back and say ‘only this day’ or ‘not on that day’ or ‘only one of your children’ or ‘only during term-time’. Then ensues what feels like working out a jigsaw puzzle or a small logistical challenge where you try to piece all the available ‘bits’ of childcare together…mon to wed son goes here, then daughter goes there, then with someone else entirely on another day. 

Welcome to the not so desirable world if passing your children from pillar to post so that you can both earn a living – and a fairly standard one at that. I am not a mother who chooses to go to work. 

The worst thing is, I am not entirely convinced we will be able to sort it, leaving us in the ridiculous situation where we may not even choose to move because of it. Rather put up with long commutes than headache childcare. 

Not sure what the solution is…..maybe be one a childminder myself? 

Maybe I might want to return to my day job after a spell of doing that! 

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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