Finding the benefit

Everyone needs ‘me’ time – from the smallest child to the oldest adult. This is one of the key differentiators between rich and poor – I would argue the wealthy have much more me time than people who barely have two pennies to rub together.

The trick when getting some me time, is finding what will exorcise your gremlins – those annoying and horrible thoughts designed to make you miserable. 

In a book I am reading called ‘The Kid’ about a boy who suffered physical abuse from his parents, his mother had no job, no prospects and incredibly low self esteem. What did she do? She rained punches on one of her sons to get the hurt, the anger and the frustration out – that was her ‘me time’. What she really needed was several counsellors, time away from her family and some time in a boxing ring. What she got was a life that created a hell for her children and a pit of depravity and self-loathing for her.

This is a severe case of someone who had ‘lost it’ and needed a lot of psychological help. But all of us, no matter how privileged we are or are not, need a release. 

The key to happiness in life, I believe is knowing what makes you tick (and what makes you un-tick), and doing some ongoing remedial work to keep you in that happy category. If you are happy then your family and those you care about will also reap the rewards. 

And sometimes a ‘release’ can simply be a walk in the woods. Things that, thankfully, don’t cost any money at all.

In fact they are often the best……I have yet to meet someone who was genuinely ecstatic after some ‘retail therapy’.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 


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