National questions about looked after children and quality of care

Some concerning recent news headlines:

Councils breaking law over care

Sir James Munby, President of the High Court Family Division, has said councils could be breaking the law by sidestepping requirements for councils to find a home for children who have been abandoned or have lost their parents. Section 20 of the Children Act 1989 also enables parents who become unable to care for their children to sign an agreement temporarily giving the council permission to accommodate them without seeking a care order at court. However, there was growing evidence of councils using the agreements to take children away from their parents, often for prolonged periods, without proper consent, Sir James said. The Act gives parents power to withdraw their permission, but some councils were denying parents this right, exposing them to claims of unlawful imprisonment.

The Daily Telegraph, Page: 16

Liverpool Council criticised over treatment of orphans

A man who received compensation after he and his three siblings were failed by Liverpool social services when their parents died suddenly in 1983 has said the award was a “token gesture” and that they had been repeatedly “fobbed off” by the council in their search for answers. Tony Hawkins’ 16-year-old brother James was left to care for the family, which Mr Hawkins says, had to eat dog food to survive. Liverpool City Council said it had “publicly acknowledged that it let these young people down over 30 years ago. Since that time there have been many changes in social work practice and safeguards in place to prevent this happening now,” it said.

BBC News

 Rotherham home closed

Rotherham Council has closed a care home after Ofsted inspectors said that vulnerable children were not safe there. The inspection is the third in a matter of months to find standards of care were inadequate, according to the Times.

The Times, Page: 7   Yorkshire Post, Page: 1

This blog is for Unicef, thanks for reading.


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