People deserve to live not exist Mr Osborne

Over to you Natalie from The Greens….
(lack of blog post last night = £1 to Unicef)

Today the National living wage went up to £8.25, with the London rate set at £9.40. This is the real living wage, set by independent economists for the Living Wage Foundation – not George Osborne’s sham living wage. His so-called ‘national living wage’ will apply only to over-25s – and won’t actually be enough to live on.

The difference between the minimum wage and the Living Wage is vast. The minimum wage leaves workers struggling to afford the bare essentials, while the Living Wage affords people a decent standard of living.

But Osborne and his friends have never had to live on a minimum wage – unlike
the 6 million working people across the UK who currently earn less than the living wage. Osborne, heir apparent to the Osborne baronetcy and with vast personal wealth, has never had to choose between between heating his house and eating a decent meal. He has never had to work extra shifts in the evenings to make sure he can feed his children.

But paying a living wage isn’t only vital for workers, it benefits employers
too. It’s good business sense: when staff receive a living wage their wellbeing is 4.5 times higher, and absenteeism drops significantly.

So I’m asking you as green party members and supporters to help end in-work
poverty, by writing to local businesses to ask why they don’t pay their staff a wage they can live on. You can find a full map of living wage employers and loads of resources at

This blog is for Unicef – thanks for reading.


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