Halloween parenting

I followed a ghost, a sparkly witch and a bat who waddled around like ET around our village this evening on the quest for sugar.

I am a Mum who has to grab precious moments with the children as much as possible – in the fight against the return of Monday and diminishing annual leave. My 3 year old son proudly spread his arms to display his bat costume and steadfastly wore his face mask knowing that if he said trick or treat he would get some yummy treats. My heart just melted all over again.

Meanwhile my daughter was re-arranging her ghost costume to something that resembled a toga as she was fed up of trying to co sums sweets through a small hole cut through cloth. 

We finished off with a drink I our local – or half of the pub with adults drinking, the other half of children ‘sugaring’ and then swirling round in high octane fuelled games of hide and seek.

I called time in Halloween when I saw my son nodding off over a half eaten packet of chocolate mini biscuits.

I love being a parent.

This blog is for UNICEF.

Thanks for reading. 

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